Ambassador Ronca received by French Ambassador Masset

Ambassador Ronca received by French Ambassador Masset

The French Ambassador to the Italian Republic, Christian Masset, offered a work lunch to the members of the Embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to Italy at which the Order’s Grand Hospitaller, Dominique de la Rochefoucauld-Montbel, and the Procurator of the Grand Priory of Rome, Ambassador Amedeo De Franchis, were also present.

The topics of conversation at the lunch focused on the situation in the Middle East, the Arab-Palestinian conflict, Libya and Lebanon and the Order of Malta’s humanitarian activities in the region.

The lunch was followed by a visit to Palazzo Farnese, led by Ambassador Masset himself, who gave an extraordinarily competent presentation of the works of art in the Palace, the recent restorations and the cultural initiatives, including the scale reconstruction of the bridge, designed by Michelangelo but never built, which was to have joined the Palace to the Villa Farnesina.